Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No More Plastic Bags Please...

“Reduce reuse and recycle” has been common tagline. There are massive campaigns around the globe engage us to love more the mother earth. One big action is using less plastic bag especially when do grocery shopping. But what I found was so ironically.

Whenever we went shopping, the cashiers put the goods into several plastics based on their substances, for instance to separate food from bathroom toiletries. It is a procedure. But we can ask them not to do so, if we really sure that the package is safe and harmless. The supermarket suggest us to buy ecofriendly bag in purpose that we will always bring that bag whenever go shopping so that will reduce the plastic bag consumption. But will you? To be honest, the material is tough, but mostly it has poor looks.

Why don’t we turn into paper bag? It definitely deteriorated faster than plastic bag. But of course it’s a high cost. But if the customer was offered with that option, I think the customer won’t mind to be charged. It’s a contentment t to participate in environmental movement. Or..

I like the idea of Starbuck. They give discount for the buyer who brings their own tumbler, not much, around IDR 3000 per cup. Why don’t these ideas brought to supermarket?

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