Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Must Have Items during Rainy Season

Rain is here,so here are some "must have items" in our bag.

1. Umbrella
It is the most important one. Choose one that fits with our size and easy to carry. Don't bring too small or even too large that will troublesome. Let alone if we take public transportation everyday.But the hardest is to choose the last longer umbrella. Don’t mind to invest a bit in umbrella if it tough enough. Choose umbrella with minimal skeleton and made form nylon coz this material is dried quickly.

And the last but not least, choose umbrella which represent your style. Get bored with plain umbrella, choose printed umbrella. Hope it could delighting your day in the middle of pour rain.

2. Shoes

We don’t want our favorite shoes get wet, don’t we? Rainy season is the times our jelly shoes collection shown up. It is better to wear wedges rather than flat shoes. To match with our outfit, choose the cream or nude color. Yet, we still can be stylist.

3. Bag

Please keep your suede bag in the wardrobe during rainy season. It wiser if we wear jelly bag. It can keep our belonging dry. Bring out your tote, coz it all our stuff could fit in. For petite ones, please try not to be drowned in your tote sweeties. Choose the smaller ones.

4. Outwear
Time to play with our outwear collection. But don't the sheer ones. We need something thick that warm us. Be playful with some color or print.

5. Plastic bag
Be prepare of anything. Tucked in some plastic bags in your luggage. It is useful to  carry our wet umbrella inside the building or cab.

1. Maureen (www.cicierobags.com), 2. Harper&Smith Candy Jelly tote (www.zalora.co.id), 3. A-leigh Wedges Leather Crocs, 4. Look Boutique (www.berrybenka.com)

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