Friday, February 8, 2013


New year means new resolutions. What is yours? Mine is losing weight. Not much, 3 kilos more. I gained 17 kilos during my pregnancy. Most of my blouses and my bottoms are unfit anymore. I have 6 months to get my body back. And there is 3 months left. Not an easy job, coz i am a breastfeeding mom also.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Plastic Wrapper for Wet Umbrella

Raining is here. Its better if we always prepare for umbrella or rain coat. But sometimes it’s get inconvenient when we bring wet umbrella into a building, or let say mall. We don't want being warned by guard because our umbrella had littering the floor, do you? Sometimes they ask us to leave wet umbrella in the bin they have provided outside the entry gate without any identity left. But who can guarantee that our umbrella still there when we come back?

Its remind me of plastic wrapper for umbrella. In Japan they give it for free before us entering building. In some place it’s equipped with its automatic device. Just insert your umbrella in then pull it out toward front. Here are some picts I got from internet. No need to worry about drips.
I wish there is a machine like that in Indonesia. Or I hope the mall will provide that sort of plastic.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Redefining Happiness

Once i had dreams, travelling around the globe and taking higher education abroad, trying new things while I was young. But life is a choice and I choose to settle down and marrying the one I love. And my life even more complete when my daughter born. She is the center of my life.

But sometime when I look at my friends page on Facebook and read their stories about living abroad, I feel bit down. Part of my heart still missed it.

Sometime we define happiness from others achievement. We tend to compare ours with others. That is why we never been satisfied, instead it make us got depressed. Only us who can set our own happiness. Be grateful with everything we have achieved.

I still have a dream and I am on it.Indeed, I feel content, be a wife and a mother.