Thursday, October 14, 2010

SBY vs Mr. Sebastian Pinera

Yesterday, all people around the globe turn sentimental watching live rescue of 33 miners in Chile that had been trapped 700m underground for 69 days. One by one, trapped miners was lifted by capsule to the surface. What a dramatic and relieved moments. And there was Mr. Sebastian Pinera, the President of Chile who was standing there, witnessing every second of rescuing, till the last victim that las for more than 22 hours. He didn't hesitate to hug every trapped miner though they had not take bath for more than 2 months!

The President of Chile had promised to do the best to rescue the trapped miners. His seriousness not only had raised spirit of trapped miners and their family, but also the whole nation. The success of this mission has unite Chile and crown Mr. Sebastian Pinera as a national hero.

Many local news channels has compared SBY's act with Mr. Sebastian Pinera. Ten days after the Wasior flood tragedy that had taken away more than 132 people, SBY came to visit. Is it too late or not? Before that, SBY had plenty time including watching friendship soccer match between Indonesia with Paraguay. Instead, he took a picture with the team. Is Wasior tragedy not a matter for him so that he choosed to watch the game instead of focusing in giving first aid for Wasior victims and survivals. In fact, he stated that it was national disaster, nothing related to HPH misuse or illegal logging. OMG! Is that so simple??

To welcome SBY arrival, local gov't got busy to prepare the road and everything related to President’s safety. How come?? Why he didn't go there secretly to diminish any unnecessary protocol, giving courage and sympathy to people there?? Since SBY is concern about political image, how come he missed about it??

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