Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's Join Snobber!

We have to be proud that batik was chosen as one of world heritage and October 2 was pronounced to be Batik's Day. This year October 2 fell at Saturday, but I did wear batik on the previous Friday. One of my favorite batik is Batik Snob. And I was lucky to have one of its collections. Batik Snob is not like other batik. Like its motto CHIC, COLORFUL & COMFORTABLE, this batik brings confident to all Indonesian women. It has nice cut, a brilliant color combination and an unusual pattern. Every modern woman will love it. But it is difficult to have it, believe me! Not because it is unaffordable, it just needs extra effort.

To have its collections, we have to be its friends on facebook first. It sells its collection only on facebook. Its collection is one of a kind, and every piece is made just one. You will feel so special. There are bolero, cocktail dress, kimono blouse, etc. It suits for anyone and any occasion. Batik Snob releases its collections twice a week, usually @ 12 pm, and only around 10 to 15 pieces a day. Yet, lately it uploads at afternoon as well to facilitate those in different time zone. At that time, it is difficult to open its page, because everyone is competing to 'book' the desired one. And unluckily, I never get the first place to book. But fortunately, I won one of itscompetitions! Yippiie...

Me, in my Batik Snob's V-Bolero

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