Monday, December 14, 2009


The line is exist
Sometimes it seems vague,
but suddenly it can be so real
Make a giant wall that parted our world

This line shattered me into thousand pieces with question mark on each face
I scream looking for the answer
but there is only faint wheeze over the hollow space
I just realized that i no longer owe hearth

Does he?
Is it?
Am i?
Can i?
What if?
What should i...

I feel so tiny coz you are standing far on the other side
Sometime i dont know who you are
I don't understand a single word you said
You look like an alien coming from other galaxy
Are you?
I hate when i got paralyzed by those questions
stupid things that spinning over and over again in my head

All i need most is your hand
to take me across the line
get together into your world
where we bound each other

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