Monday, December 14, 2009

thanks... but, sorry

thank you for criticizing on how i look, only your word i wanna listen to
thank you for your weird look when i say something stupid, it shows me that i know nothing about the world you live in
thank you for arguing my sentences, sometimes i can be such stubborn
thank you for doing nothing when i am in a bad mood, maybe it will turn to be hard if you act the same way to
thank you for ignoring me, coz sometime i can be such boring and tacky
thank you for telling the truth that i am not that kind pretty, so when you peek on a girl i wont feel guilty doing the same thing to other guy
thank you for being honest about the way i act, childish and reckless, so that i can learn how to be better man
thank you for teasing me how chubby i am, how big my nose is, reminds me how lucky i am you wanna accept me
thank you for let me be myself
but,...... sorry that i can not be the perfect woman in your life

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