Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jakarta Street's Madness

First time going to Salemba by train, yippiee... Jakarta's traffic make me sick, thus I look for another mode. The nearest stasion from my place is St. Tanjung Barat. It takes less than 5 minutes by angkot, but the biggest problem is crossing the road. There isn't any pedestrian bridge nearby. And all car and motocycle are at high speed from Ps. Minggu's direction. It requires big guts to cross over, let alone if you are alone. It needs more that 15 minutes to wait and risk to be hit by car or motocycle. I would think twice if wanna go by train again. Dear gov't, if you wanna us to utilize public transportation , please consider the supporting facilities also. We wanna safety, we don't wanna risk our life.

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