Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eat Pray n Love

Can't wait to watch it! Finally, me, friends, mom, n my mom's friends went to 21 on Saturday night. Others are having date with their couples, while we, girls only, know exactly how to spend Saturday night together. Eat Pray n Love brings sort of euphoria for most of us... Christine Hakim, Bali things.. Actually it’s not the first time Hollywood taking location in Indonesia. Instead many films take picture in Indonesia, though I don't know for sure it was or it was not. Do you remember Anacondas the Hunt for The Blood Orchid? Not the one with Jennifer Lopez's cast I guess. How about the Island of Dr Moreau? It was said that the laboratory located in one of remote islands around Indonesia.

Well, back to Eat Pray n Love. Julia Robert is an astonishing actress. But at that movie, she rarely appears in make up, so her wrinkle seems quite obvious. Unfortunately, James Franco, the Peter Parker's best friend, cannot compete with her acting, I think. Javier Bardem, who finally won Julia Robert's love are far from my imagination. I look forward that Felipe's character will be played by Antonio Banderas or George Cloney, hehehe.. It sound cliché, but hard to admit there is quite a few movie that could successfully bring alive the stories like it told in novel.

Bali is the last destination for Liz. I'm quite proud the movie shows the beauty of Bali, I hope there will be more and more films taking place in Indonesia, not only in Bali. If only Hollywood know how rich and beautiful this country. One thing, Christine Hakim is rockin'. She could reveal the truly acting quality of Indonesian actresses.

*I am not a movie critic, I am just saying... sorry for inconvenience

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