Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i love u for no reason

i am falling in love
long time i was waiting for, but i don't realize when it came
i just knew it
i didn't even think
cause i get insane when meet u
my world torn down when i see u
my heart jump up and down whenever u are near
that's love
l for loosing my mind
o for over addicted
v for vicinity of u
e for everything on u i like it so much
the way u smile
the way u walk
the scent of your body
your hoarse voice in the morning
i like u every inch
but i don't know why
u like watching motogp
i like reading novel
u are dying of travelling
i am a sun-hater
u are so messy
i am a fashion freak
but that's love
no one can describe what love is
the feeling when your hand touch mine
it takes my breath away
when our eyes meet, you take my soul with
i love u for who u are, not for a reason


  1. keren banget ning..

    semoga dilancarkan segala sesuatunya untuk kalian berdua.

    turut berbahagia ^_^/

  2. hooo... lg melow aj niy Fiks
    amien, makasih yak