Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Bye

I don't like when my parent call me in unusual time. The usually call in the morning or after dark, just to know how was my day, my work or telling stories. But not in the noon or in the evening, except it was really important, and most of them was bad news. They told me that Pakde A passed way. Then eyang B passes away. Then Bulek C passed away. And this evening my mother called me. I had a bad feeling before pick up my cell phone. No.. not again please. From her voice, I knew there is something happened. My beloved Budhe passed away. I just stood in silent.

I just want to go there to see her for the last time. A woman that has been a second mother for me. She raised me when I was young. I owe my childhood to her. I do miss her, let alone this time. I wish I could turn back time, I would visit her frequently, accompanying her to fight agained her disease. I am sorry, I rarely come to visit rarely. I was so selfish about my life and my work. I am so sorry...

But I believe she is in the better place right now. Allah has taken care of her. Dear God, please give her the best place beside You. Amin.

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  1. iya tahzan ya..mungkin harus mulai merubah paradigma bahwa pekerjaan dan uang bukan lah segalanya :)