Sunday, November 14, 2010

She is back....

It’s been a long time she was “hiding” and last week she came up brilliantly with her new monolog titled “Surti and Three Sawunggaling”. I am talking about Ine Febriyanti, one of Indonesian young actress. She played controversially in Beth (2000) and since then actives in theatre.

Last week she performed Javanese widow in “Surti and Three Sawunggaling” monolog, took place in Salihara. Sawunggaling is a kind of myth bird that believed to be mirror bird, reflecting other attitude. That monolog brought out widow’s sorrow after her husband executed by Holland troop. She spent her time doing ‘batik’ three sawunggaling, that given name Anjani, Baira and Cawir. At night, they were believed could release from fabric, flying among the darkness. They told what they had seen, how the troop killed her husband friend and that her husband had an affair with a younger woman.

That monolog was quite hard coz she had to bring many characters which are Surti, Anjani, Baira, Cawir, her husband and her husband mistress. Surti, the main role, was presented somehow moderately not to much Javanese, but it was Javanese. When came into sawunggaling characters, she nicely pretended to be bird in gentle, beautiful yet decisive motions. The white plain stage turned into red when Anjani on stage, blue when Baira and purple when Cawir on. The sound was just enough to support the monolog, and yet Ine was singing gending. Overall, congratulation for Ine come back and big appreciation for the director and script writer as well.

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