Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What is remaining in our nation?

Indonesia gov’t released Malaysian fishermen that obviously broke Indonesia shore territory. This act triggered many debate throughout nation. Gov’t impressed practicing barter so that personnel of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries that caught by Polisi Diraja Malaysia could be freed. Is gov’t of Indonesia so powerless to uphold its sovereignty?

Public stupefied when hundreds of valuable artifacts in Sonobudoyo Museum Jogjakarta have disappeared. It could have been moved abroad or in collector warehouse. No one able appraise the loss since those collections was priceless except national history. Nothing neither heritage nor pride remains for later generation.

That case was not the first time. Many museum collections around Indonesia have been stolen and counterfeited. Lack of security is the main cause. Some spots are not equipped with CCTV. Do not ever imagine its condition like abroad that have extra protection with night with red infra light. Some cases indicated involvement of internal party. They got large compensation for the information. Once again, tummy business defeats nationalism.

Indonesia has lots of poor museum. The collections are less treatment, poor lighting and covered by duct. How come expecting many visitor if does not dress up? If there are fewer visitors then there is less income exclude gov’t budget. Employee prosperity is marginal and temptation to misuse information, access and authority is getting bigger.

To attract many visitors, museums need to change. Start with advertisement and promotion. Internet is a robust media to introduce the collections to public. Coming to the museum, visitor is not only indulged by artistic display. Public want more, they love stories. Every object has stories behind. Stories will visualize human imagination, flash back hundred years ago. For instance the gold masks from Hayam Wuruk the Majapahit conqueror that worshiped for his grandmother, Queen Gayatri. That mask could generate many stories without leaving historical facts, just like famed Malin Kundang stories. This stories is much interesting, especially for kid, and easy to keep in mind. Indonesia has abundance of talented story teller to be involved. Leaving museum visitor not just bring souvenir but also stories. Museum could package that story collection into handy pocket book.

Stories in form of legend or tale can generate youth awareness and care for national history. It is so pathetic finding out that our children are much familiar with Ben Ten relative to Sangkuriang.

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