Sunday, May 9, 2010

being a child

There’s an idiom says being old is something you can’t avoid, but be grown up is a choice. I don't fully agree with this. I think being grown up is a must, consciously or not we are forced to be grown up. By who? by condition, by surrounding, by life. What I mean by a choice is become always a child. Everyone has a child inside. Sometimes it’s pop up, especially when we tired acting grown up facing the world. No one can fake themselves all the time, there’s no such perfect human being. But how about being a child every time? There’s no black and white, yet there are green, yellow, red, blue, etc. There is no tears and sadness. Seems so pathetic? May be. There will be always tears, anger, sadness, doubt, etc. But easy to come, easy to go. No revenge, no disappointment. Can grown up people be like that? Can we? It’s not only us who grown up, but our responsibility and problems as well. We are in the middle of complexity. Would you always want to be trapped in or just move away? Can we? I think that’s the time when we have to make a choice.

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