Wednesday, November 4, 2009

just let me be your...

let me be a shoulder for you to lean on
let me be a pillow for u to cry on (i doubt you do)
let me be a garbage bin if you wanna grumble on something
let me be a wall if you wanna yell on someone
let me be your partner for looking solution of your problem
let me be a clown when you are down (though i am not that funny)
let me be a radio to cheer up your bad day (a broken radio, i think)
let me be a candlelight when you are lost in the dark
let me be a mirror for you to look into
let me be your shelter when you wanna runaway from life
let me be your savior when you feel weak
let me be a cup of torajan coffee to accompany you late at night
i charge nothing for those services, but your truly love

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